Postscript Media is a full-service production company focused on nimble productions and stylish aesthetics.

company values
Emerging Technology
We're always searching for ways emerging technology can make more efficient workflows, enabling us to achieve high quality media with less resources. That means we may use unorthodox equipment or techniques, but all directed to meet the demands of next-generation digital production, where turnaround, volume, and ROI are paramount.
aesthetic quality
Beyond just production quality, we focus on aesthetic quality. We're all part of a younger generation, who understand modern trends in visual design. Our current work draws inspiration from sources like streetwear and UX design. That authenticity helps us craft pieces that don't compromise on fashion, even for corporate clients.
In-house production services
- Cinematography
- Assembly Editing
- Color Correction / Grading
- Motion Graphics
- Graphic Design
- Photography / Photo Editing
- Product Photography.
Jackson Casimiro
Director / Photographer / Graphic Designer
Jackson isĀ obsessed with creating holistic brand identity, which inspired him to explore every aspect of media production, eventually forming a company around it. By offering a slew of services, he can direct for the big picture.
LOGAN A. Williams
Cinematographer / colorist / vfx
Logan is a visual perfectionist. With extensive experience in gaffing and production design, and he creates looks that evoke emotion.
Louie SEguin
DIRECTOR / 1st assistant director
Anika jess